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I have decided to stand for BMA Council.

You will be sent voting papers on 15/3/18.

**Please would you vote.**
(I’ll be reminding you of course....😘)

I would be honoured to act as a voice for doctors in these challenging times, if you’d like that too.

My Statement:

Dr Lauren Gavaghan
Consultant Psychiatrist
Twitter: @DancingTheMind

Passionate NHS campaigner, keen to equally passionately represent our profession as I would expect of our union.

During the junior doctors strikes, I represented doctors on media platforms and created the “WearYourNHS” campaign, involving high profile celebrities to bring attention to our cause. I spoke at marches and public meetings.

I am acutely aware of the multitude of issues that the industrial dispute highlighted and have unanswered questions regarding the function and actions of our union, positioned to represent us all.

I continue to campaign for the NHS, as I feel, along with you, the effects of continued underfunding on patients and staff. The Bawa-Garba case has demonstrated the need for doctors to have a strong voice, to ensure appropriate inquiry.

I am standing for BMA Council to effect change, so desperately required, also from within. Without previous BMA involvement, I am determined to bring my fresh perspective into the institution.

I hope you will nominate me to bring about some of this positive change.
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To all you wonderful supporters!

The founder of #WearYourNHS NOW brings you.... #RefuTree !

To cheer you up on this cold winters morning!🌲❤️

It's only Pamela Anderson, Andreas Kronthaler, Dame Vivienne Westwood & Ben Westwood supporting #RefuTree & wearing their exclusive *Ai Weiwei designed* TreeTee's in solidarity #WithRefugees !!

Time for you to get yours too!

Get a different kind of tree this Christmas...🌲❤️

A perfect ethical gift for someone you love.

All funds raised to go to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for their incredible work with refugees.

Get your own TreeTee here!
Twitter: follow us on @refutree & send us your photos
Instagram: post your photos here RefuTree
FB: RefuTree


And send your photo!🌲❤️

Thank you all.

Let us all unite globally for refugees.
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#WearYourNHS 👊🏻❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Bless you!! 👊🏻❤️ #WearYourNHS thank you so much for your support xxxxx
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My Tshirt arrived in the post today. Thank you Junior Doctors for all you have done for me over the years.

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Dear all,

#WearYourNHS shall be coming to a close, in its current incarnation at least.
This is a campaign that I have run, poured my heart into, loved, worked on, and learnt so much from, over the last 6-7 months.

By the end of next week, the incredible Vivienne Westwood designed Support Junior Doctors tees shall no longer be available to buy from !!

I created this campaign for our #juniordoctors cause as 1/ I wanted to remain sane throughout this hard time 2/ as an awareness campaign 3/ to raise some funds for both the campaign and for charity.

I think all these aims have been fulfilled and every chapter must come to a close and move into new phases.

I have been genuinely humbled by everyone's involvement in this campaign and to see you all out there on the streets, at rallies, at speeches, running marathons, at the gym, on motorbikes, climbing, with your families, your friends, in far-flung places all over the world has been no less than a truly beautiful experience.

We have even had babies, children and a few gorgeous dogs in the tees, inspired by our very famous Protest Doggy who began the trend. ❤️

I have felt an incredible unity from this and I am deeply thankful to all of you who got tshirts and wore them and spread the word!

The main aim was awareness raising and I think we've managed that. By getting celebrities on board it has widened the audience and the debate and discussion and I hope this helped us along the way!

As part of it, we've made 3 short documentaries, we've done an incredible professional photoshoot with Peter Capaldi and Sir John Hurt, we've marched with huge banners and spoken with some incredible people, given talks in all sorts of places, campaigned relentlessly and got a huge amount of media attention as a result.

Dame Vivienne Westwood, Ben Westwood and Vanessa Redgrave have been staunch supporters of our cause and I am so thankful.

So many other well-known faces have joined in, including Minnie Driver (all the way from the States) and Michael Sheen, and so many others....

Below are some of the most well-known faces.

But mostly I want to thank all you lot, with your photos up on the website, on Twitter, on the FB page, who got out there and spread the word.

This has taken over my life, and I am needing to get on with some other important things(!!) (including trying to become a Consultant) - so I need to close the online sales of the tees, so that the funds remaining may go to charity and I can continue campaigning in other ways.

As I work in Eating Disorders, I have spoken to the Eating Disorders Charity BEAT, who would be very grateful for the money. At present there is >£5000 in the bank, waiting to go.

Full breakdown of costs/ monies shall be on the website in due course. Funds went on the campaign as above - again, with the primary aim to be to raise awareness of our fight.
Because all the sales were managed by an online shop, #WearYourNHS received £3 royalty per tee.

I want to give the chance to you all to get a tee if you want an **awesome** memento of these last quite surreal months. All further monies raised shall also go to the above charity.

⭐️Sales will officially stop next Friday 17th June.⭐️

Do have a look at the website pages to see what's been achieved.

Look also at the Twitter page @wearyournhs #WearYourNHS and the FB page WearYourNHS

It was a lot of work, but great, and I absolutely think worth it.

We now move into more as yet unchartered waters, which I sincerely hope won't be as stormy. We can but hope.

Love & hugs to you all. I hope you've enjoyed it too, & that it's been something positive in amongst all the crap we've been dealt over the past year.

THANK YOU all. 👊🏻❤️

Lauren/Lolly xxx
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Well done and thank you for all the hard work you put In to save our NHS

2 years ago   ·  2

What a fantastic job you and the rest of the NHS do, thank you all. I have been in hospital today for a procedure and experienced first hand again what a wonderful service the NHS provides. Much love.xx

2 years ago   ·  1

You have done amazing work Lauren. You always were a very determined young lady. I'm very proud of you and everything you've done. Love Miss Whibley xx

2 years ago   ·  1

4 Replies


Well done. Have to say funniest thing ever was a few weeks back getting took to hospital in early hrs and then realising I had put my tshirt on with my pj bottoms in error. I was getting very odd looks only then looked myself and smirked. Ended up quite a talking point on the a&e ;)

2 years ago   ·  1

Fantastic job. Well done & thanks to you.

2 years ago   ·  2

Sarah Sheldrake PhotographyThank you for your energy, commitment and belief in the NHS; #wearyournhs enthusiasm & posts throughout the campaign have been hugely inspirational & I'm honoured to have contributed in the small way I was able. x

2 years ago   ·  1

Thank you

2 years ago   ·  1

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️

2 years ago   ·  1

Thank you for bringing this campaign to the forefront of public attention. I'm having major surgery in a few weeks and will be wearing my T shirt on the ward...seems only fair and I have worn it in the NHS work place and the picket line.

2 years ago   ·  1

1 Reply


We wore the Ts in GP land. Well done Ü x

2 years ago   ·  1

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Nurses rally on 4/6/16 DOH, London ... See MoreSee Less

In light of the recent savage cuts to the NHS bursary, we are creating a call to action for ALL healthcare professionals and the public to get involved and t...

Wear Your NHS shared Channel 4 News's Jon Snow: How to register to vote.

Channel 4 News
Register to vote!
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You've got one day left to register to vote in a contest that'll shape the future of your country for decades to come. Jon Snow explains how to sign up - and why it matters

Dame Vivienne Westwood at nurses rally 4/6/16, DOH, London
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In light of the recent savage cuts to the NHS bursary, we are creating a call to action for ALL healthcare professionals and the public to get involved and t...

You tell them, Dame Vivienne

2 years ago

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Wear Your NHS added 13 new photos.

#BursaryOrBust Nurses Rally today- ending at the Department of Health on Whitehall
**We must all stand up for our nurses, who are having their bursaries cut.**
This will prevent potentially brilliant nurses from going into the profession.

Please sign any petitions if you see them/ join marches/ tell others! 👊🏻❤️
Well done Danielle Jade Lock Griffiths Anthony Johnson.xxxx
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Wear Your NHS added 2 new photos.

Nurses rally tomorrow!
1 pm St Thomas's Hospital
3 pm DOH for speeches.
Vivienne Westwood shall also be saying a few words.

Come down and show your support!👊🏻❤️
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