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Why Dame Vivienne Westwood Is Supporting Junior Doctors

Junior Doctors explain why 98% voted in favour of strike action.


Why junior doctors are campaigning

To find out more visit medicineforthenhs.com


A campaign to raise awareness and support for Junior Doctors in England, who are currently at risk of having an unfair and unsafe contract imposed upon them. Campaigning for OUR NHS in Style!

Junior Doctors stand for a contract that is both FAIR on them and SAFE for their patients.

We may face one of the biggest medical brain-drains this country has ever seen if this contract is imposed in 2016. 70% of Junior Doctors questioned said they would leave the country or medicine altogether if it was imposed. 98% voted in favour of strike action. Junior Doctors are gravely concerned about their own contracts, the safety of their patients and the future of the NHS.

Support them now to support OUR NHS. For more personal stories please visit www.ifyournhswasgone.com

All profits shall be split between The Junior Doctor Campaign and medical/ health charitable organisations. We would like your ideas on where you would like to see the money go to.

Come and join us

At one of our MeetTheDrs events around the country to hear from the real doctors, not the spin doctors.

Doctor Contracts

For more information on junior doctor contracts go to: